September 10, 2020

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Welcome to Wild Camping

Hello and welcome to the website for wild camping in Scotland. The site contains everything you need to get started wild camping. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced camper there is something here for you.

We have broken the site down into several sections to help you find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. We have also tried to make our content accessible to a wide range of age groups.

Learn about wild camping

In the Learn section, you’ll find all you need to know to wild camp safely in Scotland. We have a range of guides and courses, as well as articles about the law on wild camping and answers to frequently asked questions about wild camping in Scotland. 

Connect with other wild campers

In the Connect section, you’ll find links to several of our favourite online wild camping communities. There you can connect with people who share the same interest and see their experiences. as well as share your stories for others to see. You can also find details of upcoming events.

Discover places to camp

In the Places section, you’ll find details of our favourite camping spots, hikes, walks, trails, and other outdoor adventures. You can filter this activity by season, location, difficulty and price. Be sure to let us know if there’s a place we’ve missed that we should be listing. 

In the Resources section, you’ll find all the kit you need to get camping. We’ve reviewed the most common items and recommended the kit that we think offers the best value for money. Whether you’re looking for tents, sleeping bags, stoves or just a bivvy bag we’ve got you covered.

To stay up to date with news from Scottish Wild camping you can sign up to our newsletter or join us on facebook. In the newsletter we post new places, guides, reviews, and stories from the community. 

We hope you enjoy using the site and that you leave knowing more than when you arrived. If you would like to get involved with wildcamping.scot, or have any feedback you’d like to share, please contact us on [email]

Happy camping!

The wild camping team

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Scott Craig

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